Documentation - MG Video Tutorials

MG VRS Video Demonstrations

We've created these videos to help you learn and use the MG VRS.

If your question is not answered in these videos, please consult the VRS Information Sheets, or send a query to Tech Support.

These videos are hosted at YouTube and can be watched either from within this page or at the YouTube link:


These videos are best watched at FULL SCREEN, 1080p RESOLUTION. The CHROME browser is preferred but not absolutely necessary.

How to watch:

  1. Start playing the video in this page
  2. Click the gear icon in the lower right and make sure Quality is set to Auto 1080p
  3. Click the bracket icon to open to full screen
  4. If the bracket icon is greyed-out and does not do anything, see below

Please note that some browsers will not allow full-screen presentation of these videos from within this page. In that case, start playing the video in this page, THEN please click the YouTube icon at the bottom right and watch them at YouTube, where you will be able to view them at full-screen. You should also watch them at the highest resolution, which is 1080p HD.

Watch these in order or refer to them by subject as desired. At the top right of the video player, there is a menu icon with an arrow. Clicking that will open the menu of all videos in the playlist. You can then browse and choose a video to watch.